Tips To Score More In PTE Summarize Written Text 


PTE consists of 4 modules in total and the second to be examined in the test is the writing module. There are two types of questions that are used to evaluate your skills. First is the summarize written text and another is essay writing. Many of you find the latter comparatively easy whereas for many writing a summary is a herculean task. The probability of getting summarize written text type of questions in PTE is 1 to 3. The time allotted to prepare each summary is 10 minutes. If you find this section a little problematic then here are Tips To Score More In PTE Summarize Written Text.

Tips To Score More In PTE Summarize Written Text

In this section you are given a long passage and you are expected to cut it short and prepare an effective sum up. Most of you who are unable to get what the text actually conveys, end up copying text from the paragraph given and eventually losing scores. The exact and the most appropriate way to do such type of questions are as follows. There are certain things that you can effortlessly do in order to fetch a good score.

  1. Comply by the format


The format of PTE’s summarize written text section restricts you to making use of words ranging between 5-75 in order to prepare a crux in a single sentence within 10 minutes. If you succeed in restricting yourself to the format, then irrespective of other things, you end up getting a certain proportion of score reserved for the same.

  1. Be careful about the spellings


With the passage right in front of you, there is no scope of letting the spelling errors deduct your scores. You need to be very careful while you make use of difficult words that cannot be located in the passage for reference. Also, you need to pay heed towards your typing skills, as a typing error can also result in spelling mistakes.

  1. Relevant and crisp content


Do not beat around the bush and end up making your sentences unnecessarily long and complex. In contrast, you should make simple sentences that include the important aspects of the passage. These aspects are basically the subject and the predicate, as to what the subject is and what is being talked about the same.

  1. Make the sentences grammatically correct


Making the sentence uselessly long gives a vent to causing unnecessary grammatical errors. Be careful about the tense in which you are writing the sum up and about the usage of punctuation. Do not indulge in excessive usage of commas or semi-colons, especially, if you are not efficient at using these.



If you are preparing for PTE, you might have ben emphasising on the use of connectors. These are known to make things easy for you, especially when it comes to summarizing without making grammatical errors. FANBOY is just a way to keep these connectors in mind. The abbreviation stands for, “For, and, but, or and yet.”

  1. Practice makes perfect


Not to forget, all the tips and tricks come into action only if you practice. Only, if you consistently practice will you be able to identify the keywords and then put them into a shell. To have an easy access to the practice material, you can explore mock tests here.

All in all, these are the tips to score more in PTE summarize written text. Though you cannot be sure about what you can get in this portion but you can surely guess the essay topics. You can therefore prepare for these particular essay topics, so that you can ace it in the paper.

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