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    Welcome to your PTE Reading Practice- REORDERS

    Re-arrange the following paragraphs in the correct order:

    I. Process indicators define the indicators for a process or an activity like ‘number of women participating in the training on gender development” and Results Indicators refer to the indicators that indicate the result achieved from the implementing the activity like ‘number of women aware about gender rights.”
    II. A Performance Indicator is a measure of the result. It gives a sense of what has been or what is to be achieved.
    III. There are two types of indicators, namely, “Process Indicators” and “Results Indicators.”
    IV.For example, the number of households keeps their surroundings clean and hygienic or the number of women participating in training programs.

    1)A consequence of a settled existence is that it permits one to store food surpluses, since storage would be pointless if one don’t remain nearby to guard the stored food.

    2)Hence nomadic hunter –gatherer societies have few or no such full-time specialists, who instead first appear in sedentary societies.

    3)But stored food is essential for feeding non-food producing specialists and certainly for supporting whole towns for them.

    4)SO, while some nomadic hunter-gatherers may occasionally acquire more food than they can consume, such a bonanza is of little use to them because they cannot protect it.


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