Key To The Frequently Repeated IELTS Essay Topic


Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.Do you agree or disagree?Provide relevant examples if necessary.

Depending on whether you want to agree or disagree with the given topic, you may use these points that are relevant to the topic. These are the points for the body paragraphs. The introduction and conclusion would go as taught in the class.

In favor of salary

  • salary is of prime importance in choosing a job/ helps to fulfill needs and live a luxurious life
  • money makes the mare go,┬áif employers stop paying the employees, there would be virtually no one left to work in a company
  • important to live in this competitive world, where things are very expensive
  • bank balance improves the status in society

In favor of job satisfaction

  • Job satisfaction/ people are happy/ they work efficiently/ pleasant atmosphere at workplace/ relationship with family and colleagues remains good
  • “Money is root cause of all evil”
  • job satisfaction leads to productivity at work
  • high pay scale implies more responsibilities and targets/ work pressure develops/ family relations are disrupted/health is affected/ provides self-satisfaction/ essential to live in stressful world
  • job satisfaction mostly related to our internal pleasure and desire
  • harmonious workplace and love of work are the leading factors in choosing a job.


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